What Does a Vehicle Battery Do?

Have you ever thought about what goes into starting your vehicle? Your vehicle's battery provides power to your Toyota. It does so by supplying power to the necessary electronic components such the starter motor, headlights, wiper, computer system, audio system and more! When you turn your vehicle on, the battery starts the starter motor, which activates the alternator. The alternator will then charge your battery.

How To Prevent a Dead Battery In The Winter

Drive it every few days – Due to COVID, drivers are taking short trips to the grocery store while using things like their windshield wipers and the heat cranked up. This can cause your battery to drain faster as it does not have time for the alternator to charge your battery.  We recommend driving your vehicle at least every few days for a minimum of 20 minutes. You want to be going above 60 kph to allow the battery to properly charge.

Park your vehicle inside - If you are able to, pull your vehicle into your garage for the night during the winter months.

Bring it in for a battery check - Bring your vehicle into North London Toyota for a battery check. We'll hook it up and test it to see what it's health is at.

How Long Does a Toyota Battery Last?

Toyota suggests that a battery’s life span is roughly 4-5 years if taken care of properly.

How To Tell If Your Battery May Have An Issue

  • Your having issues starting your vehicle and use booster cables to get it running
  • Your vehicle won't start and is not making any noise
  • The lights on your dash are dim
  • The check engine light is on
  • Physically check the battery for corrosion or cracks

If you're worried about your vehicle's battery, schedule an appointment to bring it in for a battery check!