blue car in snow with christmas presents in trunkIt’s that time again! It’s time for us to help out our community for the Holiday Season!

This year we are going to Cram-A-Corolla for Anova! Look for the blue Toyota Corolla Hatchback in the middle of the showroom, we’re going to cram the trunk full of gifts!

We will be accepting donations until December 17th, 2020

Anova is a merger between London’s Women’s Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London, to provide improved services to our community. Anova provides safe places, shelter, support, counselling, and resources for abused women, their children, and all oppressed individuals to find a new start.

Below is a list provided by Anova of things that they are in immediate need of for the holiday season.

Let’s work together to make someones holiday a little brighter this year!


Anova Festive Wish List