Get Your Toyota Winter Ready

Get Your Toyota Winter Ready With Our Service #2

Don't get stuck in the cold this winter, get your Toyota ready before the snow falls. This winter package includes an oil change AND a season tire swap to get you ready for the snow! This promotion is for our Service #2 maintenance package.

Call us during our Black Friday Event (November 26-30, 2020) to book the appointment and have it completed by the end of December to qualify for discount.

Price starting from
$196 $169 +hst


Service #2 Includes

● Rotate tires (applicable to same size wheels, front & rear) or alternatively perform seasonal tire change-over (must be already on rims)
● Inspect tires for damage and wear, check and adjust tire pressure, including spare
● Remove wheel brake drum, check pads/shoe thickness; examine brake calipers, wheel cylinders and brake line
● Replace engine oil and filter (synthetic)
● Remove and inspect air filter (replace if required at additional charge)
● Check and adjust fluids
● Lubricate locks, latches and hinges
● Confirm lights, horn and wipers are functioning properly
● Check installation of drivers floor mat
● Perform battery service and comprehensive electrical charging system evaluation
● Inspect drive belts for damage - adjust tension if required
● Check steering gear box; linkage and shock absorbers for looseness, damage or leakage
● Inspect ball joints and dust covers, drive shaft and steering rack boots, chassis nuts and bits for looseness or damage
● Suspension check
● Inspect fuel and exhaust system for leaks or damage
● Alignment inspection with free report card
● Road test
● Reset Maintenance Reminder Light or system.


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