55 Point Inspection PLUS Oil Change - Offer Ends: 2021/02/28

Oil Change PLUS 55 Point Inspection

It's common lately to have a vehicle sit for extended periods of time as we are staying home more and not traveling. We recommend this 55 point inspection to allow us to check over your vehicle to ensure there are no issues from it sitting. Peace of mind. That’s what is included in our 55-Point Inspection!

Take advantage of this offer during the month of February

4 Cylinder = $99.99 +HST

6 Cylinder = $104.99 +HST
(Skid plate removal extra cost)

8 Cylinder = $109.99 +HST
(skid plate removal extra cost)

What We Check Over During a 55 Point Inspection


• Seatbelts
• Rearview mirror operation
• Windshield washer

• Power windows
• Parking brake lever travel
• Brake pedal (play)

• Wiper blades
• Horn

• Pollen filter
• Suspension


• Defogger
• Heater
• Air conditioning

• Instrument panel
• Headlights
• Turn/hazard signals

• Side marker lights
• Reverse lights
• Tail lights

• Brake lights
• Interior lights


• Damage, left side
• Damage, right side

• Side mirrors
• Windows

• Door locks
• Hood and trunk latches

• Lubricate doors
• Lubricate hood and latches


• Exhaust system
• Drift shaft/"U" joint
• Axle shifts/boots
• Control arms

•  Struts
• Exhaust
• Subframe
• Brakes: Disc, drums, pads, linings

•  Include brake measurements: Brake calipers/wheel cylinders
• Shocks/springs
• Brake lines and hoses
• Check tires for damage

• Provide tire tread depth measurements
• Inflate tires to correct PSI
• Spare tire
• Tread depth


• Cooling system
• Hoses
• Drive belts

• Engine oil levels
• Air filter
• Power steering fluid

• Emission control system
• Window washer fluid level
• Brake fluid level
• Coolant level

• Automatic transmission fluid level
• Battery & cables
• Coolant level

  • Starting from$99.99+HST

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