Toyota Detailing Kit

Toyota detailig kit product display
Toyota Genuine Wash & Shine Soap
Specially formulated to clean and renew the shine of your vehicle without harming the painted finish.

  • Rinse vehicle thoroughly with water
  • Pour 1/4 of bottle into a bucket with 8-10 litres of lukewarm water
  • For best results, wash in a shaded area

Toyota Genuine Glass Cleaner
Automotive glass cleaner, safe for all vehicle glass including tinted windows.

  • do not use in direct sunlight or streaking may occur
  • Spray directly onto glass and wipe with terry cloth
  • dry and polish with paper towels

Toyota Genuine Tire Dressing
A cutting edge formula providing a durable long lasting shine to automotive rubber.

  • Wash & dry surface before application
  • Spray dressing on the application surface or onto applicator pad
  • Use the pad evenly to spread dressing on the surface
  • To increase the shine, repeat application

Toyota Genuine Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Professional automotive formula effective on fabrics, leather, paint, chrome and plastic

  • Test fabric and leather for colour fastness
  • Spray on stain or soiled surfaec
  • Work product into stain or spill with a soft nylon brush or cloth
  • Wipe clean with cotton cloth and rinse area with warm water on fabrics

Toyota Genuine Fresh Scent
Non-toxic liquid air freshener.

  • Spray product 6-8 inches away from fabric surfaces
  • Do not spray directly on hard surfaces

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