Have you ever been trying to park somewhere and you're not sure how much room you have left in front of your vehicle? Or you're trying to get past someone and it's very narrow and you're not sure if you're going to scrap your rims against the curb?

Bird's Eye View is like a back-up camera but it takes it a step further and shows you a live 360-degree view from above your vehicle, showing you all of the areas surrounding.

Toyota's Bird's Eye View is available on:
2019 Toyota RAV4 AWD Limited
2019 Camry XLE V6
2019 Highlander AWD Limited
2019 Avalon Limited
2019 Sienna AWD Limited

How To Activate Toyota's Bird's Eye View

To activate bird's eye view, first start your vehicle. When you're sitting in the drivers seat, to the left of your steering wheel, below the dashboard will be a panel showing you 6 different buttons, click on the button that says "View". This will activate the 4 cameras and will engage your Bird's Eye View and show your vehicle on your display screen. 

Reminder - this is not a snapshot of your vehicle, this is a live view surrounding your vehicle! Pedestrians, animals, shopping carts, etc will be detected when your bird's eye view is on.

2019 Toyota front dash buttons

How to Change Vehicle Colour on Bird's Eye View

When your Bird's Eye View is active on your display screen, there is a button available in the top left corner of your screen that will allow you to select the colour of vehicle you're driving.

Once you select a different colour choice, it takes about 30 seconds for the vehicle will remap itself with your surroundings and show the colour you've selected.

You can choose from white, silver, gray and red vehicles.

changing colour on birds eye view

Where Are The Cameras Located On Your Toyota?

Camera 1 - This camera is located at the from of your Toyota vehicle, right below the Toyota symbol under the front grille.
Camera 2 - This camera is positioned at the back of your Toyota, again under the Toyota symbol near your license plate (this is also your backup camera).
Camera 3 & 4 - Both of these cameras are positioned on either side of the mirrors. 
Toyota Birds Eye View Camera locations

changing colour on birds eye view camera - red toyota selected