What is the Brake Hold Function On Your Toyota

Toyota's brake hold function engages your vehicles braking system without you having to actually hold your foot on the brake.

This brake hold function is great for city drivers that stop frequently at lights, when pulling up to a drive-thru or just general driving.

This allows you to take your foot off the brake when you're stopped at a light and your vehicle wont move. The brake hold is automatically released once you press on the gas.

Where Is The Brake Hold Button Located?

The brake hold button is located on your vehicles center console area.

How To  Activate the Toyota Brake Hold

1. To activate the brake hold button on your Toyota vehicle, start your vehicle and fasten your seat belt. BRAKE HOLD INDICATOR LIGHT
2. Put your foot on the brake and put the vehicle into drive.
3. While keeping your foot on the brake,  push the hold button down.
4. Keep holding until you hear the beep and see the yellow HOLD symbol on your display.
5. Once activated, you can take your foot off the brake.
6. Your vehicle will not move now until you put your foot on the gas which disengages the brake hold.

The next time you stop, upon pressing the brake again you will see the BRAKE icon light up on your dash telling you that it's safe to now take your foot off the brake.

Why Wont The Brake Hold Button Isn't Work?

There are several conditions that will prevent the brake hold function from working in your Toyota. If your vehicle is in park, your door is open, or your seat belt is unfastened. These are just some examples that will stop it from activating.

Do not use the brake hold button when operating your vehicle on a slippery road or incline.

Please see your vehicles owners manual for complete details about your vehicles brake hold function. Please practice the brake hold function in a safe environment until you are comfortable using it on the road.

2021 Lineup with Electronic Brake Hold

2021 Toyota Camry
2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid
2021 Toyota Corolla
2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
2021 Toyota Highlander
2021 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid

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