You can't control the weather, but you can prepare for it. Proper tire maintenance can optimize your vehicle's performance and help ensure your safety for the upcoming season.

Here are a few tire tips we find useful:

Regular Rotation
Have your tires rotated every 8,000 KM, or every 6 months. This will distribute tread wear evenly and extend your tire's life.

Don't Mix & Match
Avoid replacing one or two tires at a time. Mismatched tires can lead to uneven tread wear and possible mechanical issues.

Stay In Season
Winter tires aren't just for snow. Designed to help your vehicle grip the road when the thermometer dips below 7 degrees, winter tires are the safest cold weather option.

Test Your Tread
Measure your tread depth with a quarter by inserting the coin into one of the grooves. If you can see the tip of the caribou's note, then you may need new tires.