Protect Your New Vehicle

Your brand new Toyota is an investment that should be protected from all of the Canadian elements. At North London Toyota we offer several different ways to protect your brand new Toyota! Ask one of our Financial Services Managers about adding a Protection Plan to your monthly payment!







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Toyota Extra Care Protection (ECP)

Toyota Extra Care Protection LogoWith Extra Care Protection, your new Toyota has inflation-protected coverage from unexpected mechanical failure, road emergencies and much more! It is the affordable and cost effective way to guarantee your peace of mind and to protect your investment whether you purchase or lease. ECP will enhance the quality experience of owning your new Toyota while helping to provide enhanced resale value in the future.

Benefits of Toyota ECP

• Mechanical Protection
• Benefits Program
• Vehicle Rental Assistance
• Tire Road Hazard Protection
• Trip Interruption
• Travel Planning Assistance
• Mechanical Breakdown Towing
• Accident Towing
• Transferable

Extra Care Protection Packages
Toyota Extra Care Protection Platinum

chart showing benefit of ECP warranty

Body-Gard Protection with Sharkskin

The Sym-Tech Body-Gard with Sharkskin Interior and Exterior Protection is designed to extend the life of your vehicle by offering protection for the vehicle inside and out with rust, paint and upholstery protection products.

For Hybrid models, please talk to your FSM about the AutoSaver electronic corrosion control.

Body-Gard Rust Protection

The salt used on our winter roads, combined with moisture, produces conditions for rust to form and damage your vehicle. Body-Gard Rust Protection extends the life of your vehicle by providing maximum protection against rust.

Body Panel Protection

• Penetrates seams and crevices where rust begins
• Prevents moisture from attacking even the most recessed, vulnerable metal body panels
• "Drill-free" application process
• Available on new and pre-owned vehicles

Underbody Protection

Sharkskin Interior Surface Protection

Sharkskin Surface Protection is the next generation protective coating for automotive surfaces. Once applied, Sharkskin's nano-sized molecules re-assemble themselves on the vehicle surface, creating a negatively charged, highly repellent surface.

Upholstery Protection

• Helps keep upholstery looking new and clean longer
• Repels water, dirt, oil and other liquids
• Does not alter the look or feel of upholstery
• Resistant against bacteria and mould
• Contains no toxic chemicals

Sharkskin Exterior Surface Protection

Paint & Wheel Application

• Protects against weather, pollutants and oxidation
• Eliminates the need for waxing
• Keeps the surface appearance in showroom condition
• Wax, silicone, teflon free
• Treated surface makes dirt, brake dust, and road grime easier to remove

Windshield Application

•  Increases safety by dramatically improving visibility when driving through rain, snow and sleet
•  Improves night vision by reducing glares
•  Extends wiper life by reducing wiper usage

•  Seals out moisture and protects the bottom of your vehicle
•  Protects from damaging gravel, dirt and road salt
•  Helps provide a sound barrier for a quieter ride by dampening vibrations
•  Won't crack, peel or chip

Appearance-Gard Protection

Unexpected and unavoidable damage such as a dent from a shopping cart or a stone chip to the windshield can lead to costly repairs. Sym Tech's Appearance-Gard helps to protect your vehicle, keeping it looking new for years to come.

Dent & Ding Repair Protection
Paintless dent repair can remove small dents

Windshield Repair Protection
Coverage up to $500 per vehicle cause by road hazards
• Front windshield chips and cracks will be repaired

Rip, tear & burn repair protection
• Repairs accidental rips, tears or burns to fabric or leather

Key/remote Replacement
Lost, stolen or damaged keys and fobs
• Includes cost of reprogramming

Alloy Wheel Repair Protection
• Refinish scratches caused by road hazard
• Avoid costly alloy wheel repairs

Total Loss Protection (GAP)
Total Loss Protection GAP logo

Generally, vehicles are declared a ‘total loss’ when the repair cost approaches the wholesale value, or when the damage affects the frame itself. With today’s repair costs, your vehicle is more likely to be written off as a total loss than repaired.

The difference between your primary insurance settlement and the amount still owing to your financial institution is known as the “GAP”. This typically represents thousands of dollars on a total loss of your vehicle. Total Loss Protection makes the “GAP” payment for you plus covers your deductible up to $1,000.

•  Is available for the full-term of your loan or lease up to 96 months
• Protects your credit rating
• Covers loan or lease amounts of up to $100,000
• Gives you peace of mind at the time of an accident
• Pays your deductible up to $1,000

Creditor Insurance

Canada Life Creditor insurance makes difficult times less of a financial burden for your family and credit. In the event of an accident, illness or loss of work you'll have the piece of mind knowing your loan payments are being covered.

Life Insurance
• Pays the outstanding balance of the loan in the event of death of insured borrower
• Eligibility up to age 69 with no medical examination required
• Coverage available up to maximum of $200,000 with repayment tern no greater than 84 months

Disability Insurance
• If eligible, your monly payment will be made during the covered period of disability
• Monthly benefit up to $3,500/month
• Eligibility up to age 65 as long as you are gainfully employed

Involuntary Unemployment Benefit
• Vehicle loan payments will be made in the event you become involuntarily unemployed
• Helps to ensure your credit rating is affected
•  Maximum monthly benefit up to $3,500
•  Eligibility up to age 65 as long as you are gainfully employed

Ride Green Certified

Ride Green CertifiedOur Ride Green Certified Nitrogen Tire Inflation Program not only helps protect the environment by reducing Green House Gases and harmful vehicle emissions but also has an added benefit of lowering fuel costs due to improved fuel efficiency. Sym-Tech Nitrogen for tire inflation is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations, helping to maintain correct tire pressure longer, which enhances safety while driving.

Enhances Your Safety Nitrogen Filled Tires
Your Safety Nitrogen Filled Tires • Correct tire pressure is maintained
• Increase tire life by 25%
• Improves fuel efficiency
• Improves road grip & handling

Protects The Environment Emissions Reduction Program
• Correct tire pressure reduces carbon footprints by using less fuel
• Improved fuel efficiency reduces Green House Gas (GHG) and harmful vehicle emissions
• Saving one litre of fuel prevents 5 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere
• Extended tire life means fewer tires being replaced, saving money


Financing or leasing your vehicle involves long commitment and if your financial or health circumstances change along the way, your monthly payments can become a source of stress. If something unexpected happens to you, like experiencing a physical disability or a job loss, WALKAWAY can help.
Ask your Financial Services Manager for more details.

  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Physical Disability
  • Driving Restrictive Medical Condition
  • International Job Transfer
  • Accidental Death
  • Disability of the Self-Employed - Mental and Physical


  • Critical Illness Requiring Hospitalization
  • Death due to Critical Illness
  • Temporary Unemployment
  • Mental Disability
  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • Employer-Approved Family Leave of Absence