Toyota Avalon Accessories

Accessories For Your 2020 Toyota Avalon

Our Toyota Genuine accessories and Thule accessories are available to specially fit your new 2020 Toyota Avalon.  If you have any questions about our Avalon accessories, please fill out the form and a member of our Parts Team will be in touch shortly.

Did you know that you can include accessories into your monthly payment when buying a new car? Ask your Product Advisor for more details!
*We try our best to ensure pricing is accurate. However, please note that our prices are subject to change and should be confirmed with our Parts Department prior to purchasing.

Avalon Accessory - Avalon Block Heater Product Shot

Avalon Block Heater |
$285.00 + HST (Includes Installation)
This custom designed Avalon block heater will heat up your vehicle faster, save battery power during startups and reduce engine strain and wear. Warm up your vehicle faster with a block heater!

Body Side Mouldings to fit your Toyota Avalon

Avalon Body Side Moulding | 297.50 + HST (Includes Installation)
Color-matched body side mouldings help protect your Avalon door panels from scratches, dents and chipping. They have been designed specifically to help preserve and enhance your vehicle’s appearance.
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Toyota Avalon Cargo liner/ cargo mat accessory

Avalon Cargo Net |
156.50 + HST (Includes Installation)
Compliment the interior of your Avalon with this cargo liner for your truck area that fits perfect and will protect it from stains. Comes with Avalon badging.

Avalon Accessories - Dash Cam for your Toyota Avalon

Avalon Toyota Genuine Dash Camera | $746.01 + HST (Includes Installation)
Safely record your adventure while keeping your eyes on the road. Never miss a moment in motion; capture it! The Dash Camera also allows you to record the surroundings of your vehicle while it is parked.
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Avalon 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film

Avalon Pro Series Paint Protection Film | 460.00 + HST (Includes Installation)
3M Pro Series Genuine Toyota Paint Protection Film protects your Avalon from weathering, UV radiation and road debris that can chip and scratch the finish.
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Avalon Accessories - Universal Tablet Holder

Avalon Universal Tablet Holder |
$111.85 + HST (Includes Installation)
This universal tablet holder can attach to the headrest of any Toyota vehicle. It's great for holding your tablet, phone or video player in place.

Avalon Illuminated Door Sill

Avalon Illuminated Door Sill Protectors (front & back) |
$424.50 + HST (Includes Installation)
The Avalon logo will light up on the illuminated door sill protector when you open the door.

Toyota Avalon Rear Bumper Applique

Avalon Rear Bumper Appliqué |
$115.50 + HST (Includes Installation)
Prevent scrapes and scratches from daily vehicle use with Toyota’s Rear Bumper Appliqué. It is specifically designed to maintain your vehicle’s flawless bumper surface.