2021 Toyota Corolla Accessories

2021 Toyota Corolla Accessories in London, Ontario

All of our Genuine Corolla accessories have been designed to specifically fit your 2021 Toyota Corolla. Whether you're looking for additional exterior protection like a hood deflector, or an accessory to customize your new Corolla, our Parts Team can help.

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Please note some accessories are only available for certain trim levels. We try our best to ensure pricing is accurate. However, our prices are subject to change & should be confirmed with our Parts Department prior to purchasing.

Interior Toyota Corolla Accessories

Toyota Corolla Auto-Dimming Rearview MirrorAuto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
$521.00 + HST (Includes Installation)

Automatically dims in proportion to the level required to eliminate glare. Has an integrated digital compass and HomeLink functionality, which gives you the ability to operate garage doors or estate gates.
Corolla Cargo Liner
Corolla Cargo Liner

$153.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

The Toyota Corolla Cargo Liner features a skid-resistant surface to help keep your items from sliding around the trunk. The raised lip contain any spills and can be easily removed for cleaning.
Toyota Corolla Cargo Net
Corolla Cargo Net

$102.00 + HST (Includes Installation)

Toyota Cargo Net has a rugged envelope-style netting with elastic closure. The flexible, nylon braided net secured by tie-down rings in the cargo area prevents items from flying around.
Toyota Corolla Door Sill Protectors
Corolla Door Sill Protectors
$276.60 + HST (Includes Installation)

The Corolla Door Sill Protectors feature a brushed-aluminum overlay with chrome accents and "Corolla" badge will protector your Corolla when you get in and out. Includes both front & rear door protectors.
Toyota Corolla Genuine Dash Camera
Corolla Genuine Dash Camera

$697.06 + HST (Includes Installation)

Safely record the open road while keeping your eyes on the road. Never miss a moment in motion; capture it! The Dash Camera allows you to record the surroundings of your vehicle while it is parked.
Toyota Corolla Homelink Mirror
Corolla HomeLink Mirror

$228.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

Battery-operated rear-view mirror helps provide easy entry and exit to your garage. Easy access buttons are located under the mirror on the driver's side.
Toyota Corolla Start+ Remote Stater
Corolla Start+ Long Range Remote

$966.95+ HST (Includes Installation)

The remote starter enables you to start your Toyota from 800 meters or 2,600 feet away. It activates your pre-set heating and air conditioning system, as well as your front and rear defoggers.
Toyota Corolla universal Tablet holder
Corolla Universal Tablet Holder
$111.85 + HST (Includes Installation)

This universal tablet holder can attach to the headrest of any Toyota vehicle. It's great for holding your tablet, phone or video player in place.

Exterior Toyota Corolla Accessories

Toyota Corolla Engine Block Heater
Corolla Block Heater
$285.00 + HST (Includes Installation)

A block heater not only warms your Corolla up quicker, but also reduces engine strain and wear. The system also helps to save fuel and battery power during startups, and the strain relief electrical cord reduces cord damage
Toyota Corolla Blackout Badges
Corolla Blackout Badges
$178.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

Molded from tough and durable black ABS plastic, blackout emblems overlays are engineered to fit precisely over existing badges.
Toyota Corolla Body Side Mouldings
Corolla Body Side Moulding
$292.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

Colour matched body side mouldings will help protect your Corolla door from scratches, dents and chips. Resistant to temperature, weather, impact, stone chips, high pressure washing, wind noise and peeling.
Toyota Corolla Door Handle ProtectorCorolla Door Handle Protection (Set of 4)
$91.05 + HST (Includes Installation)

The Corolla door handle protection film is virtually unnoticeable and offers UV protection and prevents yellowing.

Toyota Corolla Accessory Front Side Window Deflector
Corolla Front Side Window Deflectors
$190.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

The Corolla front side window deflectors are shaped to minimize outside wind noise when you have your window open.

Toyota Corolla Accessories Hood Deflector
Corolla Hood Deflector
$202.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

A hood deflector offers your Corolla high impact resistance and reduces the potential damage to your hood from road debris.

Toyota Corolla Rear Bumper Protector
Corolla Rear Bumper Protector

$102.00 + HST (Includes Installation)

Made of high-grade, durable material, the rear bumper protector helps keep the top surface of your rear bumper free of scrapes and scratches.

Toyota Corolla rear spoiler
Corolla Rear Spoiler

$478.75 + HST (Includes Installation)

Manufactured from high-quality, lightweight materials, this rear spoiler features precisely sculpted detail to add a sporty, integrated appearance to your Corolla.
Corolla Roof Rack Cross BarsCorolla Roof Rack - Cross Bars
$427.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

Corolla roof rack custom-fit cross bars have an integrated look and offer cargo-carrying capability without sacrificing interior space. The cross bars are compatible with most lockable bike/ski attachments.
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Toyota Corolla Pro Paint Protection
Pro Series Paint Protection Film

$460.00+ HST (Includes Installation)

Guard your vehicle from weathering, UV radiation and road debris that can chip and scratch the finish with 3M Pro Series Paint Protection Film.
TRD performance air filterTRD Performance Air Filter
$138.50 + HST (Includes Installation)

Pre-oiled and ready to install. Washable and reusable. This exact drop-in replacement filter will last the life of the vehicle, provide unrivalled engine protection and increase air flow.

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