Toyota Tundra Accessories

Accessories For Your 2019 Toyota Tundra

Our Toyota Genuine accessories and Thule accessories are available to specially fit your new 2019 Toyota Tundra.  If you have any questions about our Tundra accessories, please fill out the form and a member of our Parts Team will be in touch shortly.

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*We try our best to ensure that the prices including installation displayed here are accurate. However, please note that our prices are subject to change and should be confirmed with a Parts Advisor prior to purchasing by filling out the inquiry form or by calling our Parts Department 519-451-3880

Tundra Hood Deflector

Tundra Hood Deflector
A hood deflector offers your Tundra high impact resistance and reduces the potential damage to your hood from road debris. Made from a thick high-grade tinted acrylic, it will protect your brand new Tundra.
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Includes Installation | $237.50 +hst*

Towing Hitch Ball

Tundra Towing Hitch Ball
2" has a 6,000lbs towing capacity and 2 5/16" has a 14,000lb towing capacity.

2" |  $34.50 +hst*
2 5/16" |  $34.50 +hst*

Tundra Door Sill Protectors

Tundra Door Sill Protectors
Door sill protectors will help protect your vehicle from scuffs and scratches.

Includes Installation | $302.00 +hst*

Tundra Bed Mat

Tundra Bed Mat
Protect your Tundra truck bed with this exact fit bed mat. Designed to protect from scratches, spills and damage.
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Includes Installation | $166.50 +hst*

Tundra power tailgate lock

Tundra Power Tailgate Lock
Unlock or lock your Tundra tailgate using your original key fob.

Includes Installation | $425.00 +hst*

Tundra Bed Cleat

Tundra Bed Cleat
Further enhance your Tundra’s utility and versatility by adding some additional tie-down bed cleats. The tie-down bed cleats are fully adjustable and slide along your Tundra's bed rail system.
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 Installation Included | $71.50 +hst*

Tacoma Bed Divider

Tundra Bed Divider
The cargo divider will allow you to create a smaller partition of your bed space to keep your cargo or boxes from flying around inside your truck bed.
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Installation Included | $380.00 +hst*

Tundra side step

Tundra Rear Bumper Step
Make the access to your Tacoma a little simpler by installing the Tundra Bed Step.
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Includes Installation | $472.50 +hst*

rear bumper protector

Tundra Pro Series Paint Protection Film
Guard your vehicle from weathering, UV radiation and road debris that can chip and scratch the finish with 3M Pro Series Genuine Toyota Paint Protection Film.
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Includes Installation | $450.00 +hst*

Tacoma Premium Block Heater

Tundra Premium Plug-In Block Heater
Reduce strain on your engine by using a block heater to warm up your Tundra quicker. Helps save fuel and battery power during start up and the strain relief electrical cord reduces cord damage.

Includes Installation | $457.50 +hst*

Highlander block heater Power cord

Tundra Premium Plug-In Block Heater Optional 5.0m Home Power Cable
This can be purchased instead of or in addition to the standard 2.5m power cable.

 $65.00 +hst*

Tacoma Running Boards

Tundra Running Boards
These running boards assist with entering your Tundra, as well as protect the lower body from road debris.
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Installation Included | $845.00 +hst*

Tundra Toyota Genuine Dash Camera
Safely record the open road while keeping your eyes on the road. Never miss a moment in motion; capture it! The  Dash Camera allows you to record the surroundings of your vehicle while it is parked.
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Includes Installation | $698.50 +hst*

 tundra Side Steps

Tundra 4-inch Side Step Bars
Ensure secure footing with a side step.
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Installation Included |  $820.00 +hst*

Tundra side steps

Tundra 5-Inch Side Step Bars Chrome
Ensure secure footing with a side step.
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Installation Included |  $977.50 +hst*

Start +

Tundra Start+ Long Range Remote Engine Start
The remote starter enables you to start your Toyota from 800 meters or 2,600 feet away. It activates your pre-set heating and air conditioning system, as well as your front and rear defoggers.

Includes Installation | $1,089.95 +hst

Tundra Tailgate Insert Badge

Tundra Tailgate Insert Badge
Individual letters that have been cut out to perfectly fit within the stamped word "Tundra". Available in black or chrome finish.

Black - Installation Included |  $122.50+hst*
Chrome - Installation Included |  $122.50+hst*

Tacoma Bed Extender

Tundra Bed Extender
The Tundra bed extender extends over the tailgate giving you more space in the bed of your truck. The extender can also be installed inward so it provides a smaller enclosed cargo area.
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Installation Included |  $515.50 +hst*

Tacoma Bed Extender

Tundra Exhaust Tip
Built Toyota tough, they’re constructed from polished, corrosion resistant double-walled 304 stainless steel.This exhaust tip is easy to install, no cutting or drilling needed!

Black - Installation Included |  $165.00 +hst*
Stainless Steel - Installation Included |  $110.00 +hst*

TRD Dual  Exhaust system

Tundra TRD Performance Dual Exhaust System
This TRD exhaust produces a deep, throaty exhaust note. Engineered to all the engine to breathe and reduce the amount of back pressure in the system.
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Installation Included |  $1,573.70 +hst*
Black tip - Installation Included |  $1,694.40 +hst*

TRD Shift Knob

Tundra TRD Shift Knob
Delivers an enhanced shifting feel while providing an impressive addition to your interior.

Installation Included |  $192.50 +hst*

TRD oil filter

Tundra TRD Performance Oil Filter
Keep your oil pure as long as possible.

Installation Included |  $107.50 +hst*

TRD Front Skid Plate

Tundra TRD Skid Plate
Helps protect vehicle underbody from damage.

Installation Included |  $770.00 +hst*

TRD oil cap

Tundra TRD Forged Aluminum Oil Cap
Features a red on black TRD logo.

  $78.50 +hst*

TRD sway bar

Tundra TRD Rear Sway Bar
This sway bar provides more stable cornering stance.

Installation Included |  $530.00 +hst*

TRD performance air intake system

Tundra TRD Performance Air Intake System
Feed your engine some cooler air with the TRD Cold Air Intake

Installation Included |  $612.50 +hst*

Tundra Tonneau Cover

Tundra Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
The tri-fold tonneau cover adds extra security with five rotary latches, so you can rest assured that your cargo is protected. Available in a soft or hard top.
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Soft - Installation Included |  $837.50+hst*
Hard  - Installation Included |  $1,375.00+hst*